Olney Central College is offering several fall mid-semester classes starting Oct. 16. Mid-semester courses are ideal for students who may have dropped a class this fall or for those who want to complete a course in just eight weeks.

Students looking to earn a humanities credit will have the opportunity to enroll in ART 1141 Cinema Appreciation with Instructor Heather Sandy. This is the first time the course has been offered in an 8-week format. Sandy is excited to teach the class where students will view and discuss films including Spike Lee’s highly acclaimed “Do The Right Thing” and Diablo Cody’s coming of age tale “Juno.” 

Mid-semester math classes include MTH 1102 College Algebra and MTH 1105 Trigonometry. Both classes will be taught by Lisa Benson. Instructor Tammie Bohnhoff will teach MTH 1103 Liberal Arts Math.

Online courses available include: PLS 2101 Government of the U.S. and SOC 2102 Social Problems and Trends both with David Denton; ENG 1101 Introduction to Composition with Kelly Payne; ACC 1203 QuickBooks II with John Kendall; PRE 0420 Intermediate Algebra and REM 0420 Basic Mathematics both with Jon Lafikas.

For more information or to register, contact Student Services at 618-395-7777.