Usher for October:                  Matt McVaigh

Scripture on Oct. 27:         Nicole Clodfelter

A/V Tech on Oct. 27:         Doug Krajec

Thursday, Oct. 24

 10 a.m.:            Bible Study at WS Sr. Center

 6 p.m.:             Meal

 7 p.m.:            Bible Study

Saturday, Oct. 26

 8 a.m.:             Men’s Prayer Breakfast


Sunday, Oct. 27

9 a.m.:             Sunday School

9:45 a.m.:            Fellowship time

10:10 a.m.:            Worship

6 p.m.:             Cemetery Walk, meet in Hauser Room

Thursday, Oct. 31

10 a.m.:            Bible Study at WS Sr. Center

6 p.m.:             Meal

7 p.m.:             Bible Study

From the 175th Anniversary Committee

Our committee is hosting a Cemetery Walk on Sunday evening, Oct. 27, beginning at 6 p.m. Everyone is invited to join us for this event. We will meet in the Hauser Room at Church.


Box tops for school – these are used for school supplies

CEC colleting pull tabs – for Ronald McDonald house in Evansville