We at Little Prairie are starting a new year of service. The signup sheets are on the table in the foyer. From helping in the nursery, making coffee, sending cards, to picking up donuts. Please be praying about how you can serve in 2020.

Nov. 10 is the deadline to Pack OCC Shoeboxes. You can send a gift to a child while giving an opportunity to learn about Jesus. People have already donated several items. They are available in the “store”. Now the big job of packing the boxes.

Christmas Musical practice has started. Can’t wait to hear and see the performances. They still need Jr/Sr high boys to be in the Nativity scene during one song. Come on boys, put those silly little nerf guns away and volunteer! Oh, on Sunday night the group of Jr/Sr high kids has some kind of nerf game. All I can say is “Watch Out!” Hey, they are at church having fun and studying God’s word. This time of the year makes me remember about all the hay rides we had at that same age. Fun times!

Upwards Registration is quickly approaching. Nov. 19–20 from 5:30–7 p.m. Volunteers are needed both nights with registration and evaluations.

This weekend Super Start is in Louisville, Ky. Pray for our students and sponsors for safety and for God to work in their hearts!

A Surviving the Holidays Grief Seminar will be held at the First Baptist Church in Mt. Carmel on Saturday, Nov. 9 from 9–11 a.m. Call LPCC office to register.

Mr. Tom spoke on “Fixated on Jesus.” Are we fixing our eyes on Jesus-definition of fixated, please? My dictionary (that I got in college) says- “To focus one’s eyes or concentrate one’s attention on”.

The question asked was: What would happen if we fixated on Jesus? 1. Hearts would break because we would be reminded that Jesus dies for our sins and we would be humbled by his sacrifice. 2. Lives would change-God can mold us and shape us into what he wants us to be. Example used was a potter at the pottery wheel. I personally have never done this but I really like pottery. 3. The church will grow. The church would grow spiritually and numerically because we’d be advancing the Gospel. We then sang the hymn “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”. Mr. Tom asked us to commit to it and let’s see what happens.

Hope everyone has a great week. Be careful driving-deer are on the roads!!