State Banquet recognition

Jace Rector, Gus Beadles, Jacob Beadles and Cheyenne Summerfield represented the Edwards County 4–H program at the State Awards Banquet in Champaign.

Edwards County 4-H is proud to announce that four members were recognized during the Oct. 5 State 4-H banquet in Champaign, Ill. Gus Beadles, Jacob Beadles, Jace Rector and Cheyenne Summerfield were each awarded a trophy for their efforts put forth during the 2017-18 4-H year.

Recognition and awards have been an important part of 4-H. From the earliest days of 4-H, we have known that the wise use of recognition helps motivate youth. Recognition encourages young people and increases their interest in the opportunities that are available to them. Volunteers and professionals have used recognition as one way to help young people become more capable and competent young adults. 

Each year 4-H members have the opportunity to complete a My Experience Award application. This award recognizes youth who have expanded their careers beyond the county. The award is presented at two levels and in one of the following dimensions: Community Service, Leadership, or Project Learning. 

After completing the application individuals can receive a Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award, at the county level. At the state level, the Diamond and Emerald Awards are chosen. 

Cheyenne Summerfield received an Emerald Award, in Leadership. Jacob Beadles and Jace Rector received a Diamond Award, in Leadership. Gus Beadles earned a Diamond Award, in Project Learning. They are all members of the Little Wabash Ramblers, which is led by Toby and Carol Beadles.