Sign see at church: “Battle is not yours, but God’s.” As was everyone else’s in the community, our service was online today. Mr. Tom spoke on “When the Unexpected Comes.” Remember, God is still working. He has been working on this series of sermons for a while, and just when we need these words in this crazy world today-how appropriate for a sermon? This virus has challenged us with the unexpected. We are used to being the driver, not riding in the backseat. We must learn to trust in God-trusting in God will get us through. Today we are having to deal with the unexpected-and not being comforted. Gatherings have been cancelled or postponed, churches are closed, schools are closed, sports are not happening. Two birthday parties that were to be held at our church had to be cancelled/postponed. We all have questions: when will this stop?’ Will God step in and cure this? God is OK with questions because He understands us. We must trust God-He sent His Son into the world to forgive our sins so we can have hope. Think: God created the world; He parted the Red Sea-the ground was dry when the Israelites walked across; God raised Jesus from the dead. Even if we don’t see God’s footprints-He is working.

God loves us more than we can imagine. Be confident that God is with us.

Not only did I watch Little Prairie’s service today, but through today’s technology, I also watched more church services. Very interesting.

This virus made me think of things we would get as a child-nothing deadly like this virus, but how many had the mumps? I remember I gave them to my Dad (he was not happy!). I remember being in high school and several got the 3-day measles. We can thank God that He gave scientists the knowledge to come up with vaccinations so children now do not get these diseases.

Blessings to everyone-stay in and stay well. We will not be having church until April. Mr. Tom will continue to “broadcast” his sermons from his office. I watched on Facebook.