“A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” Proverbs 22:1

Those having birthdays this week are: Lillian Wheat, Rhonda Everett, Dan Aaron, Jayare Buerster, Richard Tribe, Jack Webb, Parker Biggs, Kaylene Powell, Rick Mason, Kadin Leveque, Raechel Hnetkovsky and Glenna Teitsort. Those celebrating wedding anniversaries this week are: Glen and Bev Luker, Dale and Marcia Powell, Morgan and Belinda Moore and Rick and Deb Mason.

Nolan's message, “Biblical Manhood,” was taken from I and II Samuel and Psalm. He spoke about King David being a man after God's own heart. Even though he wasn't perfect, he showed humility, was vulnerable, and was a fierce man of God. These characteristics can be examples for men to follow today.

If anyone is in need of home communion, please contact Jesse Smith at 618-302-0396 or Ben Spray at 618-445-7021.

Next Sunday's Drive-In Worship service will begin at 9 a.m. Please come in the east driveway, and the deacons will give you directions where to park. There will be a place at the front of the parking lot (weather permitting) for those who would like to sit in lawn chairs with their family unit. On July 5, West Village will resume services in the building. More details will follow on the organization of the service.

West Village wasn't able to hold VBS, but we are hosting the Incrediworld Amazement Virtual VBS. If interested, please contact Michelle Smith or Shayla Potts through Facebook or call the church at 618-445-2692. This is available for children ages 3 through 5th grade.

The high school class is still collecting lids to make a bench in memory of Matt Brands. There are totes outside the church for those who would like to drop them off. Thank you!

In 2021, Oil Belt Christian Service Camp will be celebrating its 75th anniversary. To honor this event, they are publishing an updated camp cookbook and are seeking recipes from the kitchen volunteers over the years. Recipe forms will be available on the Welcome Center when church resumes, and a basket will be available to collect the completed forms. You may also submit memories, and a form for that will also be available on the Welcome Center.

On Friday evening, Lonny and Valerie Murbarger, Greg and Michelle Collingwood of Decatur, and Jason Collingwood of Vandalia had supper at the home of Kiersten Johnson of Vandalia to celebrate Father's Day for Lonny and Greg.

Roger and Sherrie Turpin visited with Sam, Heather, and Micah Turpin of Girard on Friday and Saturday.

Sadie Murbarger of Bloomington and Hallie Murbarger of Champaign spent the weekend with Lonny and Valerie Murbarger to help Lonny celebrate Father's Day.

Audrey Spray and Bonita Thomason took breakfast to George and Nieta Fewkes' home on Saturday morning. They all had breakfast together and were celebrating Father's Day with George.

Hugh Hedrick of Wheatfield, Ind. spent the weekend with his father, Clyde Hedrick.

Lila Fewkes hosted Father's Day lunch at the Fewkes home on Sunday. Those enjoying the meal and a time of visiting were: Edwin and Lila Fewkes; Lonny, Valerie, Sadie and Hallie Murbarger; Victoria and Shayna Walker; Shawn, Keenan and Matthew Boewe and Vince, Jami and Desiree Fewkes.

Steve, Bonita and Grace Thomason met Montana, Elizabeth and Jackson Thomason of Bloomington at Morton Park in Charleston. They had a Father's Day picnic lunch together at the park.

The Gill family celebrated Father's Day at Johnny and Sharon's on Sunday for lunch. Those attending were: Jim and Chris Heindselman; Aaron, Bristol and Luke Winter; Chad, Jamie, Gavin and Aiden Heindselman; Brad, Dianne and Ridge Harl; Peyton and Alyvia Jones; Charleigh Perry and Clyde and Hugh Hedrick.

For Father's Day, Shad and Merilee McKinzie had lunch at their home. Those enjoying the delicious meal and a time of visiting were: Jim and Nyla McKinzie; Donna Hocking; Nixie, Katie and Raechel Hnetkovsky and the hosts, Shad, Merilee, Lindsey and Seth.

Randy and Sandy Longbons took Don and Norma Longbons to the visitation of Bob Brumbach, Norma's brother-in-law, in St. Anne, Mo. on Sunday.

Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to the families of Lanore Lane, Mona "June" Stennett, baby Sage Lepski, Bob Brumbach and Sharon Griswold.