Solomon Miller lived in Bone Gap between 1900 and late 1940. He first lived in a house less than 50 yards from the stop sign at the entrance to Bone Gap on the west side of the road. That would have been close to where David Summers lives now. That house is gone.

Solomon later moved to a house further up that same street. Ted Kelsey lived in that house in later years. That house has also been torn down. 

He made the concrete blocks from the sand from Buck Creek. He operated a concrete plant on the west side of the road about 75 yards from the stop sign on the south side of town. Since he also did carpentry work, it is likely that Solomon built the entire structure.

It has been told that he always wore striped overalls, was bald and a jolly person who gave candy to children who came to his place. Years ago, the bandstand was the site for band concerts. In later years, at Christmas time with the help of area men, Santa handed out treats to the children: a sack full of hard candy, peanuts and an orange.

School students also used the bandstand as a destination point for school activities. Just to the north of the building was a well with a pump and water trough. That was for the convenience of watering their horses when people came to town.

No date for the construction of the building has been established. Solomon had no family. His materials were also used in the building of several houses in Bone Gap back then. He is buried in the Bone Gap Cemetery.

Thanks to Dave Rigg for the research of the history of the bandstand.

The spring of 2019, much repair was needed on the building. If nothing were done, this structure would no longer be kept as years past as a part of the history of Bone Gap. Interest was to start the restorations.

Work has started, new roof, overhang and painting has been completed. More repairs are hoped to be done in the future. Thanks to the help of area volunteers and monetary donations sent to the village, repairs are being made to restore a part of Bone Gap history.

If anyone would like to assist in this ongoing project, please contact a member of the Village of Bone Gap board.