The Church here at First Christian met together, masked, socially distanced and with smiling eyes! Bob Beckman led in the morning song service. Brad Schroeder, elder, led in the devotion for gathering around the Lord's Table for Communion, entitled "The Bridge,” meaning that is something that carries us over. God brings us away from sin to life in Jesus. Bob Beckman preached from Romans 6:1-11, teaching us that coming to believe in Jesus, accepting Him as our Savior, repenting from our sins, being baptized which gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit is the way to have Jesus in your heart and to be saved from sin to be able to live with Him in Heaven someday.

Please pray for Georgia Beckman; Henry Davis, now at home; Bob Beckman, Sr.; Lisa Metcalf; David Bosecker, home; Larry Garbo, home; Liam Pierce; Kristie Markman; Bowen Roosevelt; Trisha Hartman; Debbie Kleinschmidt; Don Gines; Branda Ramirez; Elizabeth Wood; Dawn Fowler; Jason Kramer; Millie Mann and the family of Sue Wolfe. Pray for those in the nursing homes; our military; the school scene; those suffering from the virus; those caring for the sick and afflicted; those hit hard by the hurricanes; your friends and neighbors; your family and the church all over the world. Love your neighbor by being cautious, masking up and resist touching your face. Wash those hands! Bring your smiling eyes to church next Sunday!