The congregation of Ellery Christian Church met on Sunday, Oct. 25. Betty Green and Janice Anniss had special readings and everyone wished Janet and Burl a Happy Anniversary for tomorrow. Christian’s message was based on Exodus 20:1-17. He gave his listeners an overview of the Ten Commandments and then covered each one as it applies to our lives. We may not necessarily pray to a little gold statue, but anything that can pull us away from our time with the one true God is considered an idol. As a congregation of God’s people, we must not look for ways to “get out of church,” but must instead take every opportunity to commune with fellow believers. Honoring our parents, respecting each other and forgiving those who do wrong against us, are all key aspects in following God’s commands. If everyone followed just these ten commands, what a difference we could make in the world!

Pastor Brad from the Bethel United Methodist Church wanted to remind the congregation that there will be a candlelight prayer service at the Albion United Methodist Church on the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. If there ever was a time when our people and our country needed prayer, it is now.

Pastor Brad’s message this week was based on Genesis 3:6-7. He reminded listeners that we must remember where we came from and that nothing that God creates is imperfect. When the world was created, everything was in perfect alignment with the Creator. Unfortunately, our greatest challenge with God’s commandments is not understanding them, but instead, obeying them. Like the message from the Christian Church, God’s commands to us are clear, however, the devil always stands close to tempt us away from God. We must remain close to the Savior and the devil will have no power over us.

The report of last week’s community chowder did not make it into the article last time, but a good time of food and fellowship was had by all who attended. With the threat of imminent rain in the area, the meal and cleanup that followed was one of the fastest on record, but the many eager hands got the work done in short order. A big thanks go out to all who helped in any way and those who made the effort to attend.  It was a great event!

It is hard to see so many living in fear and uncertainty. While we know that everything is a part of God’s plan, it is difficult when we can’t see the big picture. We can rest assured, though, that we do not walk this road alone.  Let us all reach out to each other this week. We may not be able to push back the darkness everywhere, but we can all “light the corner” where we are. If we all work together, that is an awfully lot of light, and we just might make a big difference! Don’t forget to vote in the upcoming election and remember to turn your clocks back next Saturday.