The Edwards County High School Ag Business Management class presented a program to West Salem Grade School and Albion Grade School elementary students on Feb. 11 and 12.

The program titled “Illinois Agriculture History” introduced kindergarten through third grade students to a look at the involvement of agriculture in Illinois. Illinois celebrated its 200th year as a state in 2018.

Illinois has become an agricultural powerhouse accounting for over $19 Billion in revenue each year. The students rotated through five different stations learning about how agriculture has played a huge part in what the state of Illinois represents. Ag instructor Michelle Wiseman along with the Edwards County Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom Coordinator assisted the FFA students in organizing and implementing this program to the students.

The elementary students were introduced to: inventions conceptualized in Illinois; how roads, railways, and rivers contribute to Illinois agriculture; the fertile soil that makes Illinois a prime producer of corn and soybeans; the many ag related businesses started in Illinois; and all the state symbols that represent Illinois.

The FFA students learned leadership, responsibility, organization, and speaking skills all while teaching agricultural information to our elementary students. The students learned facts and information about Illinois agriculture and then enjoyed an interactive activity related to the topic of study. Each student received an Illinois Ag Mag, an agricultural magazine for kids, titled Illinois History.

It is full of information about our great state of Illinois. If you would like a copy of the Illinois History Ag Mag stop by the Edwards County Farm Bureau and pick one up.