Worshipping virtually once again this Sunday. Linda Bova played a beautiful prelude. Rob Spencer gave the Communion devotion from Joshua 1:9. Bob Beckman preached from II Samuel 22:23-33 and Psalms 18:29, entitled "Like David, We Can Leap Over a Wall!”

"For who is God, but the Lord? And who is a rock, except our God? This God is my strong refuge and has made my way blameless."

In 2020, God needs heroes. God needs heroes who understand how much we need Him. His love, His grace, His word, His presence. He is righteous when we are not; responding to us as we humbly approach Him providing the renewal and refuge, we each and all desperately need. When a hero comes to town, he is a person to emulate, a person to celebrate, a person to follow. Grayville needs heroes. Will you be the kind of hero our city, our state, our church needs? Will you be God's man, God's woman, God's teenager? Make your choice today.

Please add Richard Kleinschmidt to your prayer concerns along with Gary Bisch, ICU; Bill Hosman; Dalton Russell; George Schmadel; Jeff Pritchett; Freida Horton; Bowen Roosevelt; Trisha Hartman; Debbie Kleinschmidt; Andy Baker; Branda Ramirez; Elizabeth Wood; those who are suffering the effects of the virus in various ways; those have lost loved ones and the school kids, teachers, staff and bus drivers. Remember those in the nursing homes and in the military, and help us to care for one another. Pray for the strife in this country, the unhappy folk who are depressed and blue and our leaders as they struggle to please us all. Pray for yourself, your family and your neighbor.

Linda Bova played a great song at the end of the service, "You Lift Me Up!” Pray He will and that we will rise above.