Our worship service this morning was led by Bob Beckman, featuring lovely hymns of loving Jesus and following Him. Norma Grimes accompanied him, Melanie Knight ran the media, Jim Funkhouser, elder, presented the devotion for the Communion service, reading from Romans 8:11 and Ephesians 3:20,21 concerning the work of the Holy Spirit. Announcements were made about the midweek Bible study on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. Bob appears regularly on other days on Facebook to offer readings from scripture and prayer. The Woman's Council, which met last Wednesday, served a meal to the retired teacher’s assistants on April 8. A special offering will be taken on May 2 to offset expenses for the new smart TVs, software and our online presence. Our distribution of food from the Tri-State Food Bank was a huge success and we want to thank those who helped to pass those out. Many thanks were given to those who supported the FFA Pork Chop Dinner and Auction, both silently and online. Recognition was given to several special FFA members. Sunday School should be starting back up soon.

Bob Beckman preached this morning from Hebrews 11:7, and Genesis 6 about Noah and the Clarity of Faith. Heroic faith is hard, vigorous, lonely, and world-shaping. And you can have it! Noah's faith is an heroic example of clarity during crisis, because it is active and responsive. He believed, walked with God, was blameless, bold and he took action. Ultimately, he bowed to God.

Please be in prayer for Edna Fern May; Karen Aker, scheduled for rehab; Ron Sanders; George Schmadel, scheduled for rehab; Marionette Blood; Don Runyon; Larry Neal, husband of Anne Robinson Neal, who has cancer; Noah Kuykendall's grandad, who lost his dog; Keith Crackel, who has pneumonia; Linda Points; Bowen Roosevelt; Kent Wheeler; Staci Williams; Tammy Becker; Branda Ramirez; those who are attending and teaching school along with staff; those who are suffering from the virus or other illness; your family and friends; your neighbors; the lost; and those in nursing homes, including Larry Butler, Jo Ann Wiseman, Grace Shelton and Mike Mosbarger. Remember also the United States of America and those in the military who serve this country. Bring your smiling eyes to church next Sunday to honor our Lord.