Our congregation here reemerged from the coronavirus isolation to hold the first service in our building since March. Masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing were recognized. Notification had to be given of attendance so chairs could be spaced appropriately.

Worship was limited in music to a couple of beautiful worship songs, during which Brad Schroeder led with Linda Bova on piano. Denise Schroeder worked the media.

Preacher Bob Beckman preached from 1 Samuel 7. Our subject was "How to Rebound.” We are not just restarting, this needs to be a Revival, which usually does come in bad times, not in good times. God spoke to His people many times and in various ways. In those days, He spoke to His people through the prophets, but in these last days, He has spoken to us by His Son.

Communion time led by Elder John Cowling was held at the end of the service from premeasured disposable contents and container.

Prayer requests include Chance Hargrave, Melas Millar, Bob Morgan, Doug Shelton, and the families of Delores Compton and Brandon Rhodes. Please pray for this world, our leaders, those who are hurting and sad, and your family, friends and neighbors. Pray for the church in the world. Pray for those in power to look to God for guidance.

Those in the nursing homes include Jo Ann Wiseman, Barbara Ward, Bob Beckman, Sr., Grace Shelton and Mike Mosbarger. Pray also for our military, young men called into duty at this very stressful, dangerous time. Please notify the church office if you have any name you want to have included. Have a great week in the Lord, witnessing as you go!