The Ellery Christian Church was filled with flowers this week as Vivian and Roger Beadles filled the sanctuary with blooms from their garden. Riley and Brooklyn Knackmus were visiting with Grandma Tena Michels and Great Grandma Kate Michels. James Piercy was a special guest. Christian’s message was based on Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43. He reminded listeners that in the parable, Jesus compared the stalks of wheat to the followers of the kingdom of God. We are living in a subjective world where people want to see and follow their own “truths.” However, if we will focus on the real and lasting truth of God, we will be rewarded. We must give our best efforts to get the best results. Therefore we need to look at our own lives and get rid of the “weeds” that are growing there. If we have someone we need to forgive, or a habit we need to change, we should ask our Savior to help us remove it so that we can move on to keep growing. We need not keep our growing in Christ a secret, but instead must show our lives to others in a way that makes them want to follow as well.

Pastor Brad of the Bethel United Methodist Church had knee problems and was unable to perform the service this week. Prayers go out for his healing and more information about the Methodist Church service will be available next week.

Mary and Lawrence Hurley celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this week. Cards would be appreciated. Their address is 2811 Co Rd. 620 N, Ellery IL 62833 if you would like to send one.

While many things seem to be moving in the right direction now, we must not forget those who are still struggling. Let us not get so wrapped up in our own lives and families that we ignore the suffering of others. We must see beyond our walls and reach out to those around us. That is what Christ calls for us to do.