Worship this morning was led by Bob Beckman, Emily Cowling, Amanda Groff and Sharon Benedict. Media was run by Melanie Knight. Steve Morgan had the church prayer. He was also the devotion elder, preparing us for the Lord's Supper. Melvin and Judy Cowling greeted folks at the door. John Cowling was in charge of taking Communion to shut-ins. The Elders also ordained Terry Haywood as a new trustee, by the laying on of hands and prayer. Our church led the worship at Meadowood this afternoon, also.

Bob Beckman, preacher extraodinaire, preached from the 18th chapter of Luke today about "When Jesus Comes to Town, He touches the untouchable by Honoring them--the lost, the last and the least."

Teens lunch is served on Tuesdays. Menu this week is chicken and noodles. Women's Bible Study is at 1 p.m. on Thursday. Sue Tice leads this study. Youth meetings begin again next Sunday evening. We are volunteering at Wabash Christian again this Wednesday. Thank you to all those who serve in this manner. We will be collecting Ladies Auxiliary dues right away. See Linda Points for this.

Please pray for Alfred Finley, Dora Tucker's brother, for various problems, Marlene Naas, Rita Rhinehart's sister, Marlene Williams, Pat Rooseelt, Frank Elwell, Bowen Roosevelt, Donna Robinson, Elizabeth Woods, Charlette Schoenheit, Silent Requests, the families of Betty Link and Kent Gay. Many are still recovering from extended illnesses and treatments, please pray for those you know. Pray for America, our military, our elected officials, your family, our church family, those who are lost, those who are being persecuted in other parts of the world for their faith and beliefs. Pray for yourself and your life in Christ for this coming year. Come to church. We love to see you! See you in church!