Back Over the Trail

From the Navigator & Journal-Register

1 year ago - September 4, 2019

- On Sept. 2, 2019, the Edwards County Public Building Committee reviewed a bid for the clock tower project amounting to $674,200 for 26 weeks of work which was expected to take place in 2020.

- Residents of the City of Albion learned in the Sept. 4, 2019 edition of the Navigator that they could save themselves a trip to the Edwards County courthouse and pay any minor ordinance violation files right at City Hall, saving them from having to appear in court and paying additional court fees

- With the sudden loss of the carnival rides for the 2019 Grayville Days festivities, the Committee’s alternate solution of inflatable jump houses for the kids and a mechanical bull for the adults were a good choice, and $1,000 was raised for the Little Wabash Fire Protection District.

From the Navigator & Journal-Register

5 years ago - September 2, 2015

- The Grayville High School Class of 1980’s 35th reunion was Sept. 6, 2015 at Lola’s Seasons’ Grill & BBQ during the Grayville Days celebrations over Labor Day weekend.

- The Albion Grade School Lions used an 18-hit attack to top the Jasper Polecats 17-7 in five innings during a late August 2015 softball game. 

- Sisters Amy Yates and Angie Sharp, from Outcast Airbrush in Grayville, took time to paint street murals of scenes from around Grayville on the windows of the old Bradshaw building at the 4-way stop.

From the Navigator & Journal-Register

10 years ago - September 1, 2010

- The Subway restaurant in Grayville was robbed at gunpoint during the late evening hours of Aug. 25, 2010 by a trio of Hispanic men. The men made off with $700 after pointing the gun at the two teenage employees. In the Sept. 1, 2010 edition of the Navigator, several pieces of evidence were being transported to the state crime lab in Carbondale for further analysis.

- The Phoenix Foundation received $750K and a visit from then-Governor Pat Quinn who presented the first of four installments of a $3M grant to repair the Carmi Township Hospital, which closed in December 2005 amidst financial issues.

- Grayville officially went on-air with it’s first and only Internet radio show, “wandermag on-air” on Monday, Aug. 30 2010. The 2-hour program focused on local people and local happenings was hosted by Danny Reese, Publisher/Editor of the Wanderer Magazine.

From the Albion Journal-Register

25 years ago - August 30, 1995

- Then-Principals, David Savage of West Salem Grade School and Brenda Walker of Albion Grade School were geared up for their elephant rides during the Franzen Brothers Circus in West Salem on Aug. 30, 1995.

- It was reported that for the first time in ten years, over 110 of Albion’s fire hydrants received a fresh coat of paint, courtesy of Forest Wheatley of Albion. Wheatley planned, developed and led the project as a service project to earn his Eagle rank in the Boy Scouts of America. The Albion City Council bought and supplied the paint.

-The Graceland Cemetery Board on State Route 15 east of Albion completed drainage tiling work in sections K and L in the southwest section of the cemetery at a cost of $4,500. Several stones were also reset thanks to several donations.

From the Albion Journal-Register

50 years ago - September 2, 1970

- It was reported that a bomb scare hoax caused a fire safety drill on Monday, Aug. 31, 1970 at Edwards High School. Then-Principal David Hart called for a fire drill after he was informed of a telephone call that a bomb had been planted in the school, and was set to go off within ten minutes of the call. The State Police arrived and did a sweep and found no evidence of a bomb. Students returned to class about 40 minutes after the call was received.

- Ben McKechnie purchased the Billiards Parlor on West Main Street in Albion from Howard McManaman. The snooker and pool shop had been operated by McManaman and his brother, Harold, for 24 years prior to the sale.

- Several improvements were made at district schools over the summer of 1970 in preparation for the new school year. Roof repairs were made at Albion, West Salem and Bone Gap elementary schools; the interiors of all schools were repainted; new chairs and desks were installed in the third grade room at West Salem and new catalog cards were in the libraries. Many educational improvements, such as overhead projectors, screens, filmstrips, films, 8mm-movie projector, cassettes and textbooks were also purchased for the schools. 

From the Albion Journal-Register

75 years ago - August 30, 1945

- Grading and excavation was started on Elm Street in Albion for a new business during the first week of September 1945. The site of the former Henry Bower garage building, which was razed during the spring, was slated to become a DeSoto-Plymouth automobile agency and a John Deere Implement Co. service agency.

- It was reported that a new wildcat drilling operation was underway about two miles southwest of West Salem where Central Pipe Line was drilling their No. 1 Charles Obold. The test was reported at about 1,700 feet on Aug. 29, 1945.

- The Albion Brick Yard saw their funds grow to a total of $2,280 in donations.

From the Grayville Mercury-Independent 

100 years ago - September 2, 1920

- A new Burroughs adding and posting machine, which had been ordered several months prior by the Farmers National Bank in Grayville, was received Sept. 1, 1920. The machine was touted to be a time-saver for the clerks at the bank as it replaced a hand-operated machine which had been in use previously.

- A good price prevailed for mussels shells during the week of Aug. 30, 1920, it was reported. The week prior, the price was raised to $60 by the management of the local button factory, which was a record price.

- Two children living north of Grayville had a narrow escape from serious injury as they were driving to town on the evening of Aug. 29, 1920 to meet aa girl friend, when the buggy in which they were riding was struck by a dodge touring car driven by a stranger and several young ladies. The car was reported as being driven recklessly, and the driver did not stop after the accident.