During the Oct. 14 meeting of the Grayville City Council, police chief Roy Mann informed the council that over the course of the month of September, 25 city ordinance property violations have been handed out.

Several of those violation ordinances deal with the maintenance of derelict properties and the land they sit on. The mayor addressed the council himself about the issue, reporting the continued success that the city is having with getting the land owners of the derelict properties to clean them up.

“This last week, there was another derelict property taken down at the expense of the land owner. The one next to it is supposed to be taken down in due time as well. One more will be coming down next week.”

Additionally, the council considered two agenda items having to do with police officer pay. The first dealt with a necessary adjustment to police officers’ holiday pay. Finance Commissioner David Jordan noted that the council had made adjustments to holiday pay across the board and had simply miscalculated the amount of holiday pay hours that were being given to the police department. When that miscalculation was discovered, the council decided to correct that deficit. The council voted to correct that issue, and the motion carried unanimously.

The second item dealt with Chief Mann’s request for $1 per hour pay raise for the part-time police officers. Chief Mann estimated that the raises would equate to roughly $532 between the time it would be implemented and next year’s budget meeting. Chief Mann explained that the department is way down on its expenditures on part-timers, but David Jordan and City Treasurer Sharon Walden replied, nearly in tandem, that while they were down in part-time expenditures, the department has gone “way over” in terms of overtime. 

Mann replied that “with part-time you can eliminate overtime.” The council then voted to go ahead and give the part-timers in the police department the $1 per hour raise.

In other business, the council:

•           passed a resolution concerning the Christmas Parade which set the parade for Saturday, Nov. 30 at 6 p.m.

•           accepted the donated of the property located at 413 N. State Road; the property was donated to the city by Mark and Jessica Rogers.