The Edwards County Emergency Medical Service may be facing a lawsuit one county resident who believes service employees mishandled her husband’s fatal heart attack then lied about it in their subsequent report of the incident.

After interviewing one of the two employees in question during a special meeting on Aug. 21, along with other research into the occurrence in question, the Edwards County EMS Board of Directors met with Mary Satava Monday night during their October regular session. The other employee involved in the incident is no longer employed by the service.

Satava, who claims that her husband David was forced to walk from their vehicle to an ambulance and wasn’t properly cared for by EMTs provided by the service, was invited to the meeting to hear the board’s report on their inquiry into the matter.

“We reviewed with (the employee); we listened to what she said about what went on,” said Seth Fearn, Board Chairman. “I also went to the dispatch office and listened to the recording to see if everything was clear when you called in.”

Fearn noted that the time between receiving the call and the employees calling in a transfer was nine minutes.

“I didn’t complain about that,” responded Satava.

It was stated by Fearn that he was just relaying the results of their investigation, before he moved on to the result of their meeting with the employee.

“None of us were there, but she told us (about the incident),” he said. “And the timeline with how it was recorded, it all matched up.

“So we found no need for disciplinary action with her.”

The complainant elaborated that her issue was not with the timeline of the incident, but the actions which took place within that timeframe.

“That’s not what I’m here for,” Satava said. “I’m here for her actions at the scene.”

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