The Edwards County Board of Commissioners started discussion about a possible pay increase for county road district commissioners and clerks, as well as the possibility of consolidating Edwards County Road Districts 8 and 9.

The county board considered the raises during conversation with Edwards County Engineer Dustin Bunting on the subject, who stated that a comparison with other counties in the area showed the county paid their road district officials on the low end of the spectrum.

“I was laughed at,” Bunting recalled when asked how Edwards compared to other counties. “‘How would anybody volunteer to do that,’ was one of the responses I got.

“When I found out that you guys might be talking about this, I put it out there.”

The board was also introduced to a general range of salaries for the road district commissioner position throughout the area by Bunting.

“The lowest of any responses I got was $18,000 a year,” he said. “That was the lowest, and that was one of the townships in Wayne County.

“Richland County ranges from $18,000–$60,000 a year.”

It should be noted that both Richland and Wayne Counties have a township style of governance over the care of their non-county and non-state roadways.

For Edwards County, 20 years have passed since the last time road district officials received a bump in pay.

“The last time it was increased was in 2000,” said Bunting. “Previous to that, I think it was 1989.”

Bunting also noted that the road commissioners of the county are compensated $60 per diem, while road district clerks are paid $50 per diem and treasurers for each district receive a flat pay of $200 each year. He also explained that compensation for the positions could either be determined on a per diem basis or be set as annual salaries.

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