EC Corn Yield

Members of the Edwards County Farm Bureau participate in the annual corn yield on Tuesday.

Gavilon Grain- Browns, The Edwards County Farm Bureau Young Leaders, and Wabash Valley Service Company, conducted the 12th annual Edwards County corn yield survey on Tuesday, Sept. 10. 

The results are an estimated 2019 county corn average of 144.86 bushels per acre. Bone Gap was the highest with 157.89 bushels per acre. Shelby was the lowest with 130.56 bushels per acre.  The 2018 USDA actual yield for Edwards County was 168.6, which was roughly the same for 2017.

“This has been in interesting growing season,” stated Rebecca Perry, FBCM of the Edwards County Farm Bureau.  “Everything was planted late, which has led to a late harvest.  Peak harvest will not be until mid-October at the earliest.”

In general, those conducting the survey found lots of disease in the fields, but overall, they felt the fields were better then they anticipated.  

The survey was conducted by randomly picking six fields in each township and eight from Shelby (due to size), and then taking three samples from each field.  Fifty fields were checked, in all.  All counts were based on 90,000 kernels per bushel.

Township Averages:

Albion:  141.86 bushel 

Bone Gap:  157.89 bushel

Browns: 152.65 bushel

Dixon: 143.89 bushel 

Ellery:  145.32 bushel

French Creek: 151.49 bushel

Salem: 135.18bushel

Shelby:  130.56 bushel