The Grayville Softball Field will be getting a new scoreboard.

During their September regular meeting Wednesday night, the Grayville Board of Education approved the purchase of a new scoreboard for the field. Technical issues of an unknown variety have rendered the old scoreboard unreliable, according to Sarah Emery, superintendent of schools.

“If you’ve been to the softball games, you’ve probably noticed that one game it worked, the next one it didn’t,” she said.

Both district employees and outside contractors made attempts to repair the scoreboard by means such as replacing the power source and replacing the machine’s working module. None of these fixes proved effective.

“So I think basically we’re at the point where we’re going to have to do something or we’re going to just have a half-working scoreboard,” Emery explained. “I hate for the kids to be out there playing a game and then the scoreboard doesn’t work.”

The school collected three separate quotes for a new scoreboard, with the lowest price belonging to the company Varsity at $3,269.23. Emery also stated that the Varsity scoreboard comes with a 21 ft. by 8 ft.  sponsor panel.

“If you approve this, I would like to ask around about getting some sponsorship to help pay for the cost of the scoreboard,” said Emery.

The Varsity scoreboard will also come with a wireless handheld controller, which was also a feature of the old scoreboard, described by Emery as “definitely very handy.”

Of the two remaining quotes, Danny Gonzales quoted the project at $4,500 and Daktronics did not provide a specific cost to the district.

“I’ve seen several local scoreboards that are Daktronics,” she stated. “I think one of ours is Daktronics.”

However, Grayville Athletic Director Marc Stendebeck could not get the company to commit to a set price for the scoreboard, according to Emery. Instead, they assigned the project a “budget number” of roughly $3,550.

With Varsity providing a firm price, the superintendent recommended the latter company to the board.

“That would be my recommendation, to go with Varsity,” said Emery. “Because it is all laid out.”

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