The City of Grayville was the recipient of an $84,000 grant reimbursement from USDA Rural Development for cleaning its water wells.

The Emergency Community Water Assistance Grant, for which the city applied roughly five months ago according to Grayville Mayor Travis Thompson, covers the full cost of the well cleanings, which were mandated by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency following recent flooding in the area.

Flooding from the bottom of the Wabash River can make well walls more likely to test positive for bacteria. With the extended period of flooding leaving the water along the well walls for a longer period of time, the EPA deemed it necessary to have the wells cleaned.

“The water being up for so long caused the situation to prolong,” said Thompson.

With the grant reimbursement received from the USDA, the mandate has now been fully funded by the state of Illinois retroactively. Milano and Grunloh Engineering completed the work on behalf of the city.