The City of Albion will undertake a $47,000 project to move a waterline in order to advance the expansion project for Ataraxia.

The medicinal marijuana distributor’s plans to add new greenhouses and potentially hundreds of new employees will see construction efforts block off the back portion of Funkhouser Street on the outskirts of Albion. A new road must be put into place in order to give Ataraxia access to a substation they are building in the soon-to-be blocked off domain, as well as to give the City of Albion access a lift station located in the same area.

The Albion City Council heard a pair of options to rectify the issue, which centered around a waterline that would have to be moved and buried deeper to prevent the road from damaging it, which comes at a cost of $47,000. An alternative plan would have seen the city purchase a nearby plot of land from Albion Development for $15,000 to avoid the waterline, but Albion Development elected not to sell, though they did extend an offer to assist the city with the cost of the waterline project.

Jim Scharpf, Senior Project Manager for expansion contractor Tressler Construction Company, presented the matter before the council Monday evening.

Scharpf first presented the option that would place the access road over a waterline, and would require the city to move the line and bury it deeper to avoid being ruptured, a process that was estimated to cost $47,000 at the meeting.

“I don’t think the city would really want us to do that,” said Scharf. “So we came up with (an) alternative plan.”

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