The Edwards County Emergency Medical Services are still unclear as to whether they are able to make runs into the White County side of Grayville.                       

During the board’s August meeting Monday night, the board addressed a letter sent by Grayville Mayor Travis Thompson which stated that the city would rely on the White County Emergency Medical Services for emergency runs needed in the White County side of the city.

Board member Levi McDaniel asked if the service had seen a decline in runs to Grayville in light of the letter, to which EMS Administrator Tanya Boewe stated that it had not, though she does anticipate the number to drop in the near future.

“Not yet,” said Boewe. “But it’s going to.

“It’s going to go way down.”

Another member of the board explained that the edict from the Grayville Mayor will prevent the service from making runs into the White County portion of the city.

“We can’t cross the county line,” said Alex Bond. “We can’t go into White County.”

Seth Fearn, Chairman of the Board, expressed surprise that the issue involving runs into the Grayville side of White County had not yet been settled.

“I thought that had been resolved,” he stated. “I thought one of the commissioners went down there and resolved that.”

The administrator noted that neither the Edwards County dispatchers nor she had received any word that the situation had been rectified.

“If it’s been resolved, they haven’t notified the sheriff’s department or anything,” explained Boewe. “If it has been, no one’s said anything to us.”

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