The Grayville Days Committee took a hard blow this week that could have crippled Grayville Days. Steve Kendrick petitioned the board for financial assistance following a major setback.

“I’m sure many of you are aware that we’re dealing with a big debacle concerning this carnival this year. The carnival we had contracted with hadn’t been showing up at many of the events he’s been contracted for, Albion was one of them.”

The carnival’s owner/operator’s faulty attendance wasn’t the only issue that Kendrick discovered.

“I did some checking and this guy isn’t permitted for anything in the State of Illinois, so we talked with Jay and cancelled our contract.”

Though they may have dodged a bullet in one regard, they were taking on the chin in another.

“At this late stage in the game, there are no other carnivals to hire.”

However, the Grayville Days Committee came up with an alternative solution.

“This is our next best alternative. We were looking at bringing in 10 inflatables, and then we saw how much that costs and knocked it down to seven.”

While they may have come up with a quick solution in a pinch, Kendrick admits that the solution isn’t without its flaws.

“Here’s the catch. When we have carnivals, we get a percentage of the income. Well, that percentage we would be getting is gone now.”

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