The Edwards County School Board met with a very short agenda. Starting at 6:45 Mr. Cowger started the ECCUSD #1 2021-2022 Budget Hearing. Mr. Cowger reported that although they were going to end up in the red by 523,343 dollars all was well. He also pointed out that many of the maintenance projects were to blame for the high dollar amount of being under and the bond work that the district did last year is also playing to the effect. “The revenue is there; it’s just not showing up yet.” Explained Cowger. Cowger went on to say that “The District is still with decreased revenues in O & M and Transportation and increased cost, not all revenues are known, all in all I feel the budget is fairly accurate representation of what to expect even though there are still some unknowns and maintenance projects will result in a deficit budget. Funds bonded in 2020 but paid out on this budget.” Were having no questions from the board or the audience the board unanimously accepted the 2021-2022 budget summary.

After finishing up with the budget hearing, the board and visitors waited for the time to reach 7:00 pm then Board President Dale Woods began...

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