Grayville Talent

Kesley Martin shows off her dancing acumen at the Grayville Talent Show. 

 Grayville Days has come and gone, and so too has the Grayville Community Arts Association’s talent show.

Every year during Grayville Days, the GCAA hosts a talent show to add another event to the Grayville Days list of entertainment and to promote the GCAA. GCAA spokeswoman Lea Rose talked with The Navigator about what the talent show is all about.

“It’s a lot of local talent. Anybody can participate; they don’t necessarily even have to be from Grayville, but most all of them have a connection to Grayville.”

Most talent shows are solely for children to young adults; not this one though.

“It’s open to absolutely anybody of any age that wants to demonstrate any talent.”

Over the years, says Rose, they’ve had a wide variety of acts and talents showcased onstage.

“We had dancers and some singers. This year, participation was a little low, but in the past, we’ve had cheerleaders, tumblers, instrument solos. Basically, it’s for anything that anyone wants to do.” 

It isn’t just for physical or musical talents either; the GCAA is open to a variety of talents being demonstrated. As Rose said: “Absolutely anything is welcome.” Rose described the intellectual talents of one young man who impressed them with his linguistic abilities.

“One year, we had a little boy who is autistic get up and recite facts for us, rattled off the alphabet in Russian. He’s incredibly smart.” 

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