Pam Carter

GOT HIM. Albion Animal Control Officer Pam Carter holds a fox she killed on Friday while standing in the middle of the city. Photo by T.J. Hug.

The City of Albion is dealing with a fox epidemic, according to its animal control officer.

“The fox issue has gotten way out of hand,” said Pam Carter, animal control officer for the city. “It’s pretty much an epidemic right now. They’re in the south part of town. They’re in the north part of town.

“They’re just all over town.”

Carter noted that she’s received multiple fox-related complaints over the last two weeks. She estimated as many as 12 foxes to currently be within the city limits.

“In the last week, I have had trap after trap set,” she said. “They’re real hard to catch.”

It was also stated by Carter that the foxes are becoming more bold. The previous week, she received a call in the southwest part of town where a fox was discovered in broad daylight laying on a resident’s porch.

Carter believes she knows the reason why the foxes are coming into the city.

“I’ll tell you what they’re going after,” she said. “And people aren’t going to want to hear this because of the conflict with the chicken problem in town.

“But they’re after the chickens.”

On Friday, the animal control officer received a call on Walnut Street about a fox eating a chicken in a yard neighboring a chicken owner. While the fox ran off prior to her arrival, Carter was able to track it down and shoot it in a non-residential area.

“That’s one less fox,” she explained. “I’ve probably got 12 more to go, if not more.”

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