Grayville Veterans Day

Veterans were honored in Grayville on Veterans Day with a ceremony held at the Veterans Memorial at 11 a.m. on Nov 11. Navy Chief Paul Knowles spoke. The Kiylindi Pipes played and Brother Bob Beckman of the Grayville First Christian Church prayed for our veterans.

The people of Grayville once again saw their veterans honored with a special ceremony on Veterans Day.

Navy Chief Paul Knowles served as the guest speaker for this year’s iteration of the city’s Veterans Day ceremony, highlighting not only the tremendous sacrifices those who serve and have served our country have made, but also calling on the communities of veterans to show them support as well.

‘We are celebrating Veterans Day a lot different this year in the way we come together to honor our country’s veterans,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what the hardships and obstacles are; we won’t let them stand in our way.

“We will confront them and carry on.”

Knowles stated that while several people in this country love its veterans, most don’t understand what these current and former soldiers have gone through to allow them to enjoy the freedoms they have today.

“Most Americans profess to truly love our veterans, especially on Veterans Day,” explained Knowles. “It’s important to remember that veterans are defending 365 days a year.

“Their dedication to duty and heroism has been demonstrated from the American Revolution to the War on Terrorism sometimes goes unnoticed by those that enjoy the security that their sacrifice has provided.”

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