In the race to replace outgoing 55th District State Senator Dale Righter, current 109th District State Representative Darren Bailey will be squaring off against Democratic nominee Cynthia Given.

Each candidate is focusing on a different priority as the Nov. 3 Election Day is in sight. Bailey’s hope is to allow his constituents to become a more active part in their state government.

“My top priority remains the same as it did when I ran for State Rep.,” noted Bailey, “to return control of government to the people.

“Returning integrity and morality to the Illinois statehouse is a must.”

And for Bailey, that begins by slowing down spending in Springfield.

“Government spending is out of control,” he said. “We must spend within our means and that means shrinking government.

“The role of the Illinois government must be prioritized and focused upon until we get financially healthy.”

Given, on the other hand, highlighted providing leadership as her main objective, criticizing her opponent’s time as a state representative in the process.

“We need effective leaders with good judgment,” she stated. “None of us were represented in May when my opponent was escorted from the house floor. He was neither present nor voting. The following week, he was in Chicago doing interviews at a rally where protesters booed police officers.

“In comparison, I was meeting with voters at their homes in Bone Gap and Mount Carmel.”

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