Last week, schools and businesses across the region shut down due to weather on Tuesday. This week, more of the same.

Winter Weather Advisories, Watches and even Ice Storm Warnings have impacted the area for the past week. They also have affected a large portion of the Midwest, the Northeast and some of the South. And we’re not quite done yet, though Tuesday morning seemed like the end of the tunnel.

Governor JB Pritzker issued a disaster proclamation early Tuesday afternoon, for all 102 counties in the State of Illinois. The press release noted that “as of 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, approximately 7,000 Illinois households were without power, and that number is expected to fluctuate as the strain of arctic temperatures and extreme weather continues…”

Last week’s storm, Winter Storm Shirley, didn’t exactly pan out as predicted locally, with little-to-no icy conditions (unlike our Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee neighbors) for the most part, though the roads were still hazardous. In Forth Worth, Texas, those icy roads were deadly early last Thursday morning, when slick roads resulted in a 133 car pile-up on Interstate 35(W). Numerous other traffic incidents were reported throughout Shirley’s wake.

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