“If getting somewhere across town quickly is neccessary, a citizen could drive a car instead.” reportred Police Chief Mike Judge.

At the last City Council meeting, a citizen had asked that the City have more golf cart crossings across the State Highway 130 and Route 15. 

In his opinion, Chief Mike Judge says “The present crossings are adequate.” Gary Mason moved that the Council not change the current Ordinance on golf cart crossings. Seconded by Don Riggs, motion passed. Also among new business, Supervisor Phil Cullison reported the flashing red light at the intersection of fifth and Main streets had been hit again. With the suggestion of the State Highway Department the flashing red lights, the other’s at Fourth Street, are not neccessay. Gary Mason made a motion to replace the flashing red light at fifth and Main but not those on Fourth and Main and Fourth and Elm. 

Chris Hodgson seconded. The motion passed five yes, one no by Don Rigg. Quentin Speir made a motion to price solar powered flashing stop signs for the intersection at Fifth and Main. Chris Hodgson seconded, motion passed with one no vote by Don Riggs. 

Next, Water Supervisor Marty Reid reported the water line at County Road 200 (Browns Blacktop) had been acting up again. He said he thinks the waterline needs to be moved away from the train trestle because the line is basically in a low spot which makes finding a leak impossible. He said...

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