The roof of the Grayville Police Department

The roof of the Grayville Police Department shows signs of needing repair.

Chief of Police David Burrows brought the daunting state of disrepair plaguing the Grayville Police Department building on South Main Street to the attention of the City Council Monday evening.

Burrows began the discussion by stating “everybody’s spending money, I guess now it’s my turn.” He then informed the council about the the roof leaking throughout the police department. He noted that “one of the worst is right over the radio console.”

He mentioned that he had two different companies to inspect it and provide bids. “One company,” Burrows shared, “was just going to cover it, the second company came in and said, “I wouldn’t cover it;” there are two-and-a-half inches of roof material on that roof, which is extremely heavy.”

Burrows did recommend to the council to do the roof tear-off in order to see what sort of damage may lay underneath, instead of just plastering yet another layer on top of the roof.

However, Burrows wasn’t done describing the disrepair of the building. His next topic was the floors; “Chief Mann brought that up I think, earlier in the year,” but wasn’t able to procure the budget necessary to redo the floors.

These two repairs would incur major expenditures, according to Burrows. He continued, “and then, my understanding is, we’re grandfathered in under the ADA. If we spend that kind of money on that building, we’re going to have to bring the building into ADA compliance. Then we’re talking, six figures, folks.”

Burrows stated that a lot of money should have been spent on the upkeep and repair of the building over the years, but “everybody knows Grayville just couldn’t afford it, so they didn’t. But it’s time to…look at that building and see whether it may have reached its life expectancy.”

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