One Grayville man is facing two felony and two misdemeanor battery charges, with the former pair of charges involving a child.

Darrell L. Brines, 29, has been charged with two counts of aggravated battery and/or causing bodily harm to a child, a class three felony, as well as two counts of domestic battery and/or bodily harm, a class A misdemeanor. He was served with a warrant for his arrest in White County on Friday, Oct. 4, with bond set at $25,000, according to the Illinois court case website Judici.

Brines posted the 10 percent bail of $2,500 for his release on Monday, Oct. 7.

According to Illinois state law, aggravated battery is committed against a child if the victim is under the age of 13 and suffers great bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement as a result of the actions of the assailant if they aged 18 or older. A class three felony comes with a prison sentence to the Illinois Department of Corrections of 2–5 years and a fine of up to $25,000.

On June 25, a plenary order of protection was filed against Brines by Sarah Brines, though the petition was rejected on Aug. 6. The following was entered into the record on June 25 regarding the petition, according to Judici:

The petition contains no allegations, but petitioner provides testimony that the minors disclosed abuse and substantial risk of abuse by respondent.

Darrell Brines is scheduled for his first hearing on the felony and misdemeanor charges on Nov. 6 at 9 a.m. at the White County Courthouse. White County State’s Attorney Denton Aud is prosecuting the case.