In the week leading up to the 2020 General Election, opposing claims are still circulating regarding the progressive income tax amendment being backed by Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker.

During the October meeting of the Edwards County Republican Party, Edwards County Farm Bureau Manager Rebecca Perry spoke to members of the party about the Illinois Farm Bureau’s campaign against the progressive income tax amendment on the ballot for Illinois voters on the Nov. 3 election.

“The question asked to me was why are we doing this,” said Perry. “The Illinois Farm Bureau launched this vote no campaign because the members and the (IFB’s) policy told them to.”

The state farm bureau has been clear in not only it’s opposition to a graduated income tax, but also its support of the current flat income tax in place in Illinois as well.

“So Illinois Farm Bureau has a policy that says it supports the flat tax,” she said. “Policy 121, under state and local finance, we oppose the creation of a progressive or graduated state income tax.

“Clear as day in the policy book.”

Officers within the IFB have also been referencing the organization’s policy book when discussing their opposition to the progressive tax.

“Our vice president said, ‘The state legislature is asking you to vote on an open-ended question allowing them free reign to modify the tax rates on smaller classes of individuals. Our members through the Illinois Farm Bureau policy book have purposely stated that higher marginal income tax rates are inconsistent with economic growth at the federal level, and the same reasoning can be applied to the state level,’” Perry quoted. “That is from our vice president, and the vice president of the Illinois Farm Bureau is in charge of policy process.”

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