The Grayville City Council convened on Oct. 14 to decide who the next police chief will be after current chief of police Roy Mann steps down and moves.

The council’s police committee, which is comprised of Mayor Travis Thompson, Finance Commissioner David Jordan and Gas Commissioner Don Baldwin, met on Monday, Sept. 30, to meet with the candidates they were most interested in for the position. The committee deliberated and made their recommendation to the mayor in executive session.

There were four candidates that applied for the position of Grayville’s Chief of Police. During the Oct. 14 meeting, the council went into executive session to deliberate on the recommendation made by the police committee and to discuss adjusting the holiday pay received by the police department.

After coming out of executive session, Mayor Thompson recommended to the board that David Burrows, an officer in the Albion Police Department, be hired as the Police Chief-in-Training.

Burrows has worked the past 33 years in various capacities of law enforcement. 

Over the past year, Burrows has worked as an officer in Albion Police Department. Over the course of his career, however, Burrows has worked for several different departments. He has served for a couple of years as a deputy for the Edwards County Sheriff’s Department; he served in Grayville Police Department for 11 nonconsecutive years; and he has also served as a deputy in the White County Sheriff’s Department.

The city council voted unanimously to approve David Burrows as Grayville’s next Chief of Police. Burrows’ first day is slated for Nov. 12.