In last week’s Edward’s County Board meeting County Treasurer Debbie Smith reported the loss of $22,408 that would have reimbursed the county for half of Edwards County Tax Assessor Sheila Schnepper’s salary. She noted the loss in her budget summary for next year.

Treasurer Smith told the board a multiplier provided by the state of Illinois was set at .9381. The number was less than one meaning the assessor had over assessed Edwards County Real estate by an amount that would cause the county to lose the state reimbursement of half the tax assessor’s salary. The new final equalization factor was issued by the state on Aug. 10.

The county treasurer said she could not remember this happening in her 19 year tenure. “This means your taxes will be about six percent less”. She pointed out that tax receipts were $6,494,378.35 last year. Using that figure, the new lower multiplier could cost taxing bodies $389,662.70 across the board. So according to Davis this is good news for taxpayers and not so...

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