The final budget passed by the Edwards County Board of Education has the district projected to end Fiscal Year 2019 in the positive by $47,000.

David Cowger, superintendent of schools, presented the budget to the board in a budget hearing just prior to their September regular session Monday night. The board passed a tentative budget which projected a surplus of $100,025 during their August meeting, but it was noted by Cowger that there were some unknown factors at that time which would need to be factored in prior to the finalization of the budget.

The FY19 operating budget approved unanimously by the board on Monday predicts $7,782,648 in revenue for the district, against $7,738,382 in expenditures. That leaves the school system with $44,266 left over for the coming year.

Cowger noted to the board that it is likely that number will be higher once the fiscal year is complete, due to efforts by the district to save money throughout the year.

According to the budget, the district’s Education Fund is anticipated to add $2,673 for a total of $1,581,177, The Operations and Management Fund is projected to even out in spending, leaving $1,456 in the account overall.

The Transportation Fund will squeak out a $2 surplus in 2019, bringing the total fund to $1,838. Working Cash for the district will add $41,591 against no expenditure, bringing the fund’s tally to $1,037,297.

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