Those who incur fines for ordinance violations within the City of Albion will now be able to save themselves a trip to the Edwards County Courthouse.

The Albion City Council unanimously approved a measure that will allow those who receive administrative tickets for city ordinance violations to pay the associated fines directly to city hall, rather than appearing in court and paying court costs as well. Fines associated with the new policy include grass and weed violations, dogs running at large, other animal-related violations, abandoned vehicles and nuisance property violations.

“With all these tickets that we write for minor ordinance violations, where we send them to court…(we) came up with an ordinance just to basically they can just pay city hall and be done with it,” explained Albion Mayor Wesley Harris, ”instead of having to go over to the courthouse and waste everybody’s time.”

If an ordinance violator does not exercise the option to pay city hall, their case will revert to the old system.

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