The City of Grayville is awaiting the second half of a $400,000 grant awarded by the state of Illinois for renovations to its park in 2015.

The state was expected to complete payment of the grant in the late fall of 2018, but did not cover the remaining $200,000 on schedule. According to Grayville Mayor Joe Bisch, the election of a new state governor delayed the process.

“They said they were waiting until everything got settled in with the governor,” said Bisch. “So we’re just waiting to see.

“That’s what they do up there (in Springfield) whenever they change governors, I guess. Everything’s got to be approved.”

The grant, announced by then-Governor Pat Quinn in early 2015, was to cover 90 percent of the park project, up to $400,000. The project ended up with a roughly $505,000 price tag, entitling the city to the full $400,000.

The state funded $200,000 toward the project in its early stages, and was set to pay the other half of the obligated monies at its conclusion.

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