Edwards County is in need of Committeemen for both their Democratic and Republican parties.

Edwards County Clerk Mary Beth Smith informed the county’s board of commissioners of the need for write-in candidates to emerge to fill vacancies for both parties in this April’s primary election during the board’s January regular meeting Monday morning.

“Jan. 16 is the last day to file for a write-in,” said Smith. “We had nobody to file for precinct committeeman for either party. Just to let you know, if you know of anybody who would like to run for precinct committeeman.

“We have 12 positions open on each side.”

The county clerk also provided a bit of detail on the openings as well.

“They’re supposed to be behind their party candidates, and they also have requirements, reports and things to be sent to the state,” she said. “And they would like for you to send so much money to the state for candidates statewide.

“It’s a political office.”

It was also noted by Smith that the committeemen provide the county board with recommendations for appointments to various boards. There was also some concern about state recognition of the two parties in Edwards County, should the positions not be filled by write-in candidates.

“It could mean that it’s not a recognized party unless they get somebody in there,” Smith explained. “I think we’re supposed to have at least three precinct committeemen.”