Edwards County upperclassmen and their dates will be enjoying Prom in a different state in 2020.

The Edwards County Board of Education approved moving the annual spring event to an off-site location during their November regular meeting Monday night. The board came to this decision after listening to a presentation by the ECHS Junior Class Officers during the meeting.

“We would like to talk to you all about the possibility of hosting Prom at The Grainery in New Harmony, Ind.” said Stephens, Secretary. “The four of us and Tami (Nale) have spent a lot of time discussing this, and weighing the pros and cons.

“We believe it would be beneficial to host Prom off-campus.”

Stephens emphasized the unique location as an attraction for students.

“We think it will provide a very new and exciting opportunity for students,” she stated. “We think it will make it a lot more fun having it…at a place that they’ve never been before.”

Stephens also noted that a buffet-style meal will be provided at the site for Prom-goers. The cost of the meal will be factored into Prom tickets, which will cost $25 apiece this year.

She also noted a plan to deal with transporting students from Edwards County to New Harmony, an issue that has stalled previous attempts to get board approval to host Prom off-campus.

“We will also be providing transportation, in case maybe students don’t want to drive or parents aren’t comfortable with them driving,” Stephens said. “We would like to use the school vans, driven by faculty members.”

Treasurer Ava Anderson informed the board of the tentative itinerary for Prom night, working under the assumption that they would approve the off-campus location.

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