With the 2020 General Election less than a week away, Republican Adam Niemerg and Democrat John Spencer are wrapping up their respective campaigns for State Representative of Illinois’ 109th District.

Each candidate prioritizes a different issue above all others from a policy standpoint. For Spencer, infrastructure would be his primary focus if her were to win on Nov. 3.

“We will never attract industry without infrastructure,” he said. “This means good roads, safe bridges and broadband internet. I will work to get route 50 back on track to be a 4 lane highway.

“We have the capital bill and, along with government subsidies, we can have broadband internet available to every city, town, village, farm and household in the district.”

Spencer plans to accomplish this by working with legislative colleagues from the northern part of the state.

“In order to achieve this goal, I will work with the general assembly,” he explained. “We are a large diverse state.

“In order to get something for our district, you have to help other districts, even if those districts are north of I-80. If you work with them, they will work with you.”

For Niemerg, creating jobs and lowering tax rates will be his primary focus, should he be elected to office.

“One of the biggest issues facing Illinois and certainly in the 109th is jobs,” he stated. “Many of the communities in my district are on the Illinois/Indiana border. Illinoisans regularly leave our state to buy gas, to shop , and dine out.

“There is no compelling reason for a business to locate in Illinois when they can still get plenty of Illinois business traffic while locating in Indiana where the taxes are much lower.”

As such, Niemerg’s top priority will be trying to find away to lower the tax burden on Illinoisans, business owners in particular.

“My focus will be on lowering taxes in Illinois and making Illinois more business friendly.”

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