The Edwards County Board was left with more questions than answers Monday morning after hearing  reports from Edwards County Tax Assessor Sheila Schnepper and Edwards County Farm Bureau manager Rebecca Perry on a solar electrical generation farm planned in Edwards County.

Schnepper told the county board the company planning the solar farm has leased a 1,200 acre portion of Edwards County in the West Village area for the planned solar farm and was seeking tax abatement from county taxing bodies for ten years that would cap at $4 million.

Schnepper outlined the way taxes would be figured on the new business saying it would be $218,000 per megawatt of name plate capacity. It was unclear what name plate capacity the solar electrical generating farm would produce at this point according to Schnepper. She noted the new business would move the land on which it is built from agricultural to commercial.

The Farm Bureau manager pointed out she had several “red flags” raised in letters and communications from the company out of Texas or North Carolina called Ecoplexus. Perry told the county board the people she spoke with on the phone didn’t know where Edwards County was. She said, “They don’t have a clue what’s going on here.”

Perry revealed the company had rented the meeting room at the Farm Bureau office in Albion for a meeting to be held on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at 6 p.m. She hoped that issues regarding the planned solar energy farm could be cleared up at that time.

Edwards County Board Chairman Davis Messman said, “As long as...

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