BY Rich Gurka

The Enterprise Road- Rt. 161 intersection, the site of all too frequent terrible vehicle crashes.

 I personally have (legally) driven across that intersection many dozens of times during my lifetime.

There used to be a similar road intersection at the White-Gallatin Counties border.  

The Herald Road- Rt. 141 intersection used to be the scene of an occasional, usually serious, sometimes fatal, vehicle crash.

(I recall stopping to assist retired ISP trooper Harry Sutton at one such crash. A pretty young woman had most of her face torn off; I recall that she later died.)

In almost every incident, the crash was caused by a driver attempting to cross over Rt. 141, or turning onto Rt. 141.

After numerous studies by IDOT, what finally solved this situation was that E.T. Simmons was awarded a contract and the Rt. 141 roadway west of the intersection was “shaved down”, thus increasing visibility for all motorists in every direction. 

Rt. 141 still remains the primary roadway. There is NO 4-way stop at this location, nor was there ever a need for one.

To my knowledge, I do not believe that there has been a serious vehicle crash at this location since this roadway improvement was completed.

I have yet to see an incident where a roadway “caused” a crash.

Drivers simply do not pay attention. Period.

When I first started driving, when one said the word “tranny”, it meant the type of transmission was in the vehicle, not the driver’s personal sexual orientation.

 In the old days, we had concerns about the drunks at closing time or the escapees from the nursing home being behind the wheel. Not so anymore.

Cell phone usage causing inattentive driving is, in my opinion, THE leading cause of so many vehicle crashes.  Folks are addicted to their danged phone worse that a drunk is addicted to his or her booze.

Stupid drivers even ‘live stream’ themselves doing stupid things while their vehicles are in motion, simply to ‘look cool’ or get ‘likes’.

There is nothing government or society can do to force folks to extract their heads out of their butt.  It seems that is becoming a normal human condition.    

I guess it is easier to do backflips  or reverse rollovers when one’s head is in that position.

These terrible crashes aren’t  the roadway’s fault, but shaving the roadway and rumble strips on both roadways will help.