To the Editor:

Thank you for your reporting and opinion pieces. In particular, I so appreciate your opinion in the May 12th Chronicle Navigator titled: “Some still don’t get it”. I realize that the political atmosphere in our area encourages the kinds of behavior in your article, and throughout our country. Therefore, it is so refreshing to read opinion pieces that cut right to the crazy chase.

It is also hard to erase the terrible images seen on television last year of the medical personnel trying to heal and help people who were so adamant in their ‘standing up for their personal freedom’s’ that they endangered their own families, strangers, and then would find themselves in the hospital (still saying they didn’t have covid).

To be honest, 2020 and covid has probably changed my opinion of my fellow Americans-and not in a positive way.

I also seem to remember (although my memory may not be accurate) of an opinion piece last year during election season about the graffiti on the Grayville building at the 4-way corner. It was nice to see someone who had the honesty to pen such a piece.

Please keep writing-fair and accurate opinions. You have a fan here in Grayville.


Harriet Burtt