I've been spending a lot of time alone due to the coronavirus pandemic. I haven't felt this isolated since my last high school dance party. 

I kinda like the solitude, though. My friends seem to prefer my solitude, too. 

I spend a lot of days just staring into my mirror. We both have a lot of time for reflection.

Since I'm not out of the house much, my shaving and bathing time has been cut way down. My mirror doesn't like it when I shower, though. I'm telling you, it really gets steamed.

I think I'm going stir crazy. Which is to say, I cook a lot of soups, gravy and pasta. The pots and pans have been a problem for me, though. I need to get a handle on them.

I've been wearing my wristwatch on my ankle just to make the home confinement feel more authentic. 

Of course, time means nothing these days. Most of the time, I don't even know what day it is.

It hasn't really been much different for me. I was working from home before the pandemic. But before, I could at least greet the UPS guy at the door and sign for a package. Now, I just watch out the window as he puts the package on the porch. I wave as he hurries back to his truck, and I wonder, who was that masked man?

Then I wonder, how long do I have to leave the box on the porch so any coronavirus that might be on it dies off. They say the virus can live on cardboard for 24 hours but most of it's gone in four hours. I usually wait about four minutes. Then I put on my rubber gloves and go outside with a spray bottle of disinfectant. 

No, I don't really do that. Maybe I should. But the coronavirus is just a cover-up for the fact that nobody wants to be around me. It gives purpose to my isolation.

That's not true, either. I’m just being flippant. There are people out there who would welcome my company in safer times. Maybe not a lot of people, but they're out there.

I would welcome their company as well. I hope my friends realize that I'm not shunning them for no reason.

It's a crazy world and crazy times. I'll be glad when we can get back to normal. Some of the precautions probably aren't necessary, but like the old cliché says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And since there currently is no cure for the coronavirus, I'll take the ounce of prevention.

When I do go out, I mask up and keep my distance. There's no shame in doing my part to help slow the spread of the dread.

If I get too lonely, I'll just look in the mirror and talk to my twin. But to be honest, I'm getting a little tired of looking at him. 

Maybe I'll order something online. Then go sit by my window and wait. 

© Copyright 2020 by David Porter who can be reached at porter@ramblinman.us. Sometimes I'll wear my mask when I'm home alone. It doesn't do anything to stop the virus, but it makes for a better view in the mirror.