For the last month I have been riding around Albion in my wheelchair wearing my red "Trump hat!” I wear the hat to initiate a political discussion with members of both the Democrat and Republican parties. I have learned much from these discussions. In truth, I do not like President Trump. I have never been receptive to people with big egos! some consider President Trump not to be a nice guy. The nicest president was probably Jimmy Carter, who was an absolute failure. In Washington, "the swamp" does not respond to nice people. Then why, you ask, do I wear my red hat? You can debate the politics point by point, issue by issue, and not really resolve the question. The answer is that it is not just about President Trump! The question is far more encompassing than one man. I have five main ideologies that Joe Biden cannot resolve:

1. Other than rape, incest, or medical reasons, I cannot condone the murdering of unborn children. While we will not kill murderous criminals, defenseless infants are no problem dead!

2. Law and order are paramount; I believe the rules - including immigration - apply to everyone. Out of nearly 18,000 law agencies, only about 400 support Joe Biden. I think that about says it all!

3. In the name of climate change, the willingness to put tens of thousands of people out of work is horrific. An example is Kentucky, where 60 percent of the coal miners lost their jobs under Obama and Biden. No hope, no skills and no education to fill the gap and allow hard-working people to continue working. The ideology behind the "Green" or "Joe" new deal has been shown to kill jobs with no regard to the human cost!

4. Government run healthcare, single-payer, scares me. Granted while our medical system is a mess, I have never seen anything that the government was solely in charge of that worked as promised. As a senior citizen, I deal with some of the restrictions and rules imposed by Medicare. Since we are already killing babies, it is not much of a leap to the concept of euthanasia!

5. The Democratic party is no longer the party of the blue-collar worker, the union man, the guy who used to get his hands dirty. The left wing of the Democratic Party has developed a plan to take over the government of the United States. The socialist, Marxist and Stalin approach to government will change American basic values forever! In World War II Germany, only 10 percent of the people were Nazis. A small group of radical people dictated the path for the entire country. I really believe we are at the precipice of a similar takeover in this country. A dire warning by the Premier of Russia in 1956 told that the socialist/communist ideology would eventually take over the United States; Nikita Khrushchev said, "we will destroy you from within!”

A separate issue, "the progressive tax" in Illinois is an example of how a government no longer works for the people, but expects the people to work for the government. Our Illinois governor is asking us to

 "trust him" by giving up our constitutional right to vote on our taxes. In the first column, on the ballot, there is a big gray box with much reading followed by a place to mark yes or no. "Yes" means new taxes and "No" means no new taxes. This tax is only “fair” to those who wish for Illinois to tax more and spend more! Please retain your constitutional right and vote NO!

Stan Struckmeyer, Albion