We have one of those pre-made storage sheds in our backyard. It looks like a miniature barn.

We open it up about twice a year to pull out or put back seasonal stuff like garden hoses and snow shovels. The rest of the stuff in there is basically garbage. It's stuff that, for whatever reason, we didn't want to throw away yet we know we'll never use again.

It's the kind of stuff you wouldn't keep if you didn't have a place to put it. Bikes that haven't been ridden in more than a decade, a mower that doesn't run, floor mats from a car we no longer own. You get the picture.

I've been living here for the past six years, and for the last five, I've been thinking about painting the shed. I think a lot about doing a lot of things that I'll probably never do. It's the thought that counts, isn't it?

The shed is about 10 feet from my hammock where I do a lot of my thinking. When I'm in the hammock is when I think most about painting the shed because I can see it. The shed is in a corner of the yard where I never see it unless I'm in the hammock. Out of sight, out of mind.

The only good view of the shed from the house is from the window of our spare bedroom, which is our indoor shed.

Like it's outdoor counterpart, that room is also full of stuff we wouldn't keep if we had no place to put it. Old clothes we never wear, books we'll never read again, games we don't play and boxes of broken and outdated electronics.

We can't put that stuff out in the shed because it would get ruined. We don't want to ruin the good stuff we'll never use again.

I was looking at the shed the other day while I was in my thinking spot, and I was thinking that it's now beyond paint. I was thinking that I'll cover it with vinyl siding to match the house. I'll probably think about that for a few years.

It was time to retrieve the garden hoses, so I opened up the shed and was met by a cascade of tiny critters falling from the header across the door. Termites.

Seems the shed was not void of occupancy after all. We knew it housed plenty of spiders, and we had noticed that some kind of animal has been burrowing underneath. We weren't too concerned about any of that. But termites? We can't have that.

I got to looking around and the termite population is way worse than I imagined. The base of the wood siding all around the shed was just a paper-thin facade hiding the damage behind it. We're now going to have to weigh our repair or replace options.

Maybe the thing to do is to get rid of all the junk inside the shed and take the whole thing down. But then, where would we put all the new old junk that we know we'll never use again but don't want to throw out?

This is what you call a first world problem. It's probably going to require some more thinking.

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