People tend to frame controversial and complex issues with slogans. People also tend to demand rights and privilege based on these slogans. So it is with the slogan “Pro Choice”. On the surface this slogan only seems fair with regard to liberty and so the proponents smugly sit back and enjoy the pro choice world they have created. When it comes to sex both men and women do have a choice. With the exception of rape, women have sexual choices. With regard to to contraception women have choice. With regard to the person(s) involved they have choice. Many of these choices are poor ones and so the choice to annihilate what is alive and growing within them is also demanded from society. The question that confronts society is this: Who is worthy of life and who is not. Certainly the supreme court in the 1857 Dred Scott decision (the worst in its history) stated that this man was not worthy to be free or ever to be a citizen of the United States. And before that in 1787 at the constitutional convention a 3/5 compromise was incorporated into the constitution which stated that the enslaved were not worthy of full humanity. Although repealed by the 14th amendment we are still grappling with the social and political aftershocks of slavery. The dehumanizing of the living in the form of abortion is similar. Abortion and the sexual “revolution” of the sixties has helped to fuel most of the social ills of our time. Many want government and the political system to supply answers to these ills. The government cannot answer. These are affairs of the soul.

I would not explicitly deny a woman the right to an abortion. That is between the woman, her conscience, and her God. I would however offer that it has granted society a license for promiscuity. If you look around you will see the rotted fruit of that license. Are we past asking men and women to take responsibility for their poor decisions? Abortion at its core is self serving, which is in direct opposition to Judaeo-Christian teaching. Who is worthy of life? It is a matter of the heart.

David M. Lane

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